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A giant beetle in your monsoon garden

May 7, 2010

Sometimes I get the feeling beetles are like mechanical toys. The other night when I passed an outdoor lamp at Dokmai Garden, I found a large beetle on its back. Its abdomen was gone, perhaps eaten by a Tokai Gecko. The jaws of the head, the antennae and the front legs were moving quickly, which was quite an unpleasant sight. I went to bed, and six hours later when I passed the same place, the beetle was still there, and it was still moving its limbs with the same intensity! The beetle was a Dorysthenes buqueti, the  Sugarcane longhorn stemborer (Cerambycoidae), whose larva feeds inside large grasses, such as bamboo or sugarcane.

Eric Danell

This Dorysthenes buqueti is in prime condition, a magnificent sight!

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