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Happy New Year 2553!

April 13, 2010

Thailand celebrates the traditional Thai New Year on April 13th.  This makes sense, as this is the end of the dry season, and the beginning of the rainy season, when food will become abundant again. Our year is 543 years ahead of the Christian year, i.e. our new year is 2553 since the death of Lord Buddha.

Today the majority of the staff at Dokmai Garden went downtown Chiang Mai for the traditional water war. We sprayed everyone and everything with water  – very very fun! Although we have had some political turbulence down in Bangkok, everything is peaceful and joyful up here in Chiang Mai.

After four hours of serious water splashing, we went back to Dokmai Garden and had a picnic with barbecued squid and porc, deep-fried chicken, rice, noodles and very very hot chili sauce. Aroi Maak! (very delicious).

Pattaramol Seehamongkol

The Songkran festival, i.e. the Thai New Year’s celebration, started already at the Dokmai Garden parking!

Pattaramol Seehamongkol is seen in full action.

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