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It’s more than watering plants…

April 6, 2010

There are so many different species of plants on D. I believe over 900. Each one so unique. Each one in need of so much care. There’s pruning, weeding, raking, grooming, management of sunlight exposure, and oh yeah… watering. Lot’s of watering. Although, some of the plants survive better in the dry season with hardly any water. There are plants here from different continents like Africa and South America. One of my favorite plants (Stevia rebaudiana) allows sweets in your diet without the guilt and risk of diabetes and obesity. I can’t wait to grow it in my green house upon my return to America. So far I have been here for two days, one day of which was spent with a small stomach flu. That sucked! Anyway, I’m better now and look forward to learning more of gardening life. I feel Dokmai Garden’s Garden School is a great way to gain experience in something you are interested in. Until next time. And remember, be kind to plants. They are just as alive as you and me and have so much to offer the world.

Apryl Edwards, Detroit, USA

Khun Densak Seehamongkol and Garden School pupil Apryl Edwards build a tool shed.

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