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On the importance of a pole saw

April 4, 2010

Our philosophy at Dokmai Garden is that pruning of monsoon trees should be done in the hot and dry season (the wildflower season). The reason is that this time of the year, there are not so many fungal spores around. A pathogenic fungus may see the wound as an open door to the tree. Also, deciduous trees do not lose too much green leaves, as they are still dormant.

Today we walked around and inspected the trees, pruning parasitised branches (Dendrophthoe spp.), pruning ugly stumps made by machete whacking, liberating electrical cables and general shaping. We used a bent pruning hand saw, a carpenter saw, garden shears, shears on  a pole and then the best tool, a pole saw! You can buy this bent pruning saw at many places in town, and then mount it on a pole of preferred length. This saves you ladders or climbing in many cases.

Today Nick (a Tropical Gardening School student) climbed a mango to remove a particularly prolific parasite, but the red ants (Oecophylla sp.) literally threw him out of the tree. Although the sound of cracking branches and him landing on the ground was loud, his youth saved him from injuries. With the pole saw we still managed to take away most parasites, although all three of us had to run in the end, as the ants falling to the ground looked for revenge. This proves the statement that ants are good for trees, as they remove any pests…

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