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When is spring in a monsoon climate?

March 30, 2010

Meteorologically there is always summer at Dokmai Garden. This summer is divided into three seasons: November – February cool and dry (cool season), March-May hot and dry (wildflower season) and June-October rainy (green season). Our coldest mornings in January may be 12 °C, why we never have frost. The current season, hot and dry, is also the wildflower season.  Actually, this is the time most resembling European spring-time. This is the time when we have many orchid species in blossom, as well as tree blossom (Cassia bakeriana is fading and Lagerstroemia macrocarpa just started). In addition, the hens run around with baby chicken, our male water buffalo “Colla” shows his muscles, our male silver pheasant suddenly attacks you in a dinosaur way of protecting his hen, who suddenly became interested in food (for egg production). We have nesting sunbirds, collared starlings and oriental magpie-robins. The birds get vocal, and the migratory Red-throated Flycatcher has changed from a humble cool season fashion (grey) to a brand new orange vest, preparing for dating. Indeed this feels like European spring, and coincides in time too. Unfortunately, most European visitors never see this gorgeous time, and the cool season is frankly not the most colourful season.

European Ellinore, Karin and Jenny have fun with flowers!

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